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»Being creative, that is what drives me. Whether it’s music, drawing, designing, filming –
the idea comes first, everything else follows naturally.«

My name ist Michael Sopolidis. I'm 38 years old and I live in Germany.

At the age of nine I started playing the drums. Though I love playing the drums and considering myself a drummer first of all, it was never enough for me. I wanted to write music. Teaching myself some basic skills on my brother’s keyboards brought me one step closer to this. But I wanted to write rock music, so I needed a guitar. With 18 I got myself a cheap Epiphone Les Paul Special II and started shredding to Metallica and Megadeth. Already owning a bass guitar and gradually improving my vocal skills, I had everything to start my one-man rock band.
I've recorded my first demo songs on a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder, but with computer recording becoming more popular and affordable, I soon began diving into the world of digital music recording. Although I am not a professional audio engineer, I occasionally do write, record and mix music for other people, like my former band M.I.GOD. or my cousin’s band Moral, who’s album »Agapi Anekpliroti« has been released by Universal Music Greece.
I am an autodidact in every way – from drumming to playing keyboards and guitars, from singing to recording and mixing.

Although I do enjoy working on my music and experimenting in the studio a lot, playing in bands is what really pushes you forward as a musician and team player. Only a few weeks after my first encounter with a drum set I was invited to audition for the school’s band. Since then I have been in many bands, from fun projects, that never left the practice room, to semi-professional bands playing gigs in front of thousands of people.
Since october 1999 I am the drummer of TOUGH TALK, one of Germany’s most successful cover bands. With them I’ve been touring all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland and played gigs in Belgium, France, Morocco and Dubai.

For me, being creative doesn’t end at being a musician. I also enjoy creating visual art. Since childhood I'm into drawing and digital illustration. Seeing how difficult it is to earn a living as a musician or engineer, becoming a professional designer was the logical consequence of my desire for a creative job.
I graduated from the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg with a degree in design with emphasis on new media and video. For my final year project I made the short film "Zu dritt" (Threesome), which is an animated short done completely with pencil sketches.
As a media designer I have worked on many music videos of national and international artists such as Sarah Connor, Jeanette, Guano Apes, Paradise Lost, Apocalyptica and Gotthard, to name but a few.
Since 2007 I work as an Art Director at ricochet Internet- und Werbeagentur in Nuremberg.

My strengths are illustration, layout, typography and image processing but I am also experienced in web design, animation and video post production.

This website is my personal portfolio. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear – it’s all a work of passion.


I'm a musician

Playing music for over 28 years has defined who I am to a great degree.
For me, performing as a drummer and singer or writing and recording music comes down to one thing – passion.

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I'm a Designer

From drawing pictures since childhood to being a professional designer – creativity and passion visualized.

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I'm a Video Artist

Pictures and music in motion – the perfect combination.

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