Welcome to my New Horizon

»Being creative, that is what drives me.
Whether it’s music, drawing, designing, filming – the idea comes first,
everything else follows naturally.«

My name is Michael Sopolidis. I am a musician and a designer. This website is my personal portfolio. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear – it’s all a work of passion.

My album »NEW HORIZON« will be finished later this year at last. With so many songs written and a broad diversity in style, packing everything into one album would have been impossible, so I decided to split the album in two:

New Horizon:Dawn

»DAWN« is the result of my love for good and sophisticated pop and rock music. Mostly lighter in mood but also melancholic at times, these songs represent my softer side, inspired by artists and bands like Sting, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Chroma Key and Kip Winger. But there is plenty of rock vibe on this album, too.

New Horizon:Dusk

If you're into dark and heavy music »DUSK« is the right album for you. Inspired by Metallica, Megadeth, Sevendust, O.S.I. and many more, these songs are generally darker in mood, metal tracks with heavy guitar riffs but also atmospheric soundscapes to delve into. Come to the dark side.

Coming this year!

Listen to my New Horizon

Here's a little preview to »NEW HORIZON«. I will add more songs when they're ready.

Latest Videos

I tried to stay creative while staying home during the crisis and this came out.

Meant To Be

This song and video have been the birthday present for my wife, who had her birthday while in lockdown. We had to send her for a walk so my son and I could shoot the video. Well, she liked it.

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