M.I.GOD. – Floor 29

Produced by Michael »Michi« Sopolidis & Markus »Max« Chemnitz
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Michael »Michi« Sopolidis
Drums, keyboards, synths, noises, loops & additional guitars by Michael »Michi« Sopolidis
Artwork by Michael »Michi« Sopolidis

Originally released as a 7-track EP in 2009, the first version of Floor 29 was recorded while the band was looking for a new guitarist. Because I have co-written some of the songs I have not only played drums and keyboards, but also all the guitars. Production-wise it was okay, but we felt it could be much better. After finding a guitarist we decided to give the songs an overhaul and re-recorded all the guitars (except for the 12-string guitar parts in »Ordinary World« which are still my original recordings) and added three more songs. I reset all the mixing projects and started from scratch. It was a lot of work but in the end it was worth it. We are really happy with the results.

The artwork for the cover was an idea of Max, the singer of M.I.GOD. He also shot the photo of the elevator in the San Francisco Cheesecake Factory, which was the basis for my digital illustration.

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