Album »New Horizon« coming soon.

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Currently I’m working on my album titled »New Horizon«. Hopefully I will get it done before summer 2016. Some of these songs accompany me for a very long time. One of them even goes back to 1998. This record is the product of writing and re-writing, recording and re-recording, mixing, refining and eventually starting from scratch again – looking for that »sound« I’m after. Some might say I’m a perfectionist. I would say I just want to make this record as good as I possibly can. Because nobody else is involved in this there is no one else to blame when something isn’t »right«. Every note, every word, every decision made in mixing is 100 % me. Having said that, I don’t want people to say: »That’s pretty good for a record done by one person.« – I want them to say: »That’s a pretty good record.«

Over the years there have been many breaks in working on the songs – college, work, other projects, the birth of my son or just plain reluctance. It’s also been, and still is, a constant learning process. But finally I can say that I am at the point, where I am happy with the sound I achieved and I will write the last lyrics and record the last tracks and bring this journey to an end. These songs are like old friends and when I’m ready I will introduce them to you. I really do hope they will grow on you like they did on me.

Stay tuned.

Productions I've participated in



1994 | Face In Frame | Drums

Mann im Ohr

1995 | Menschlich | Drums

Youth Gospel Choir Reichenschwand

1996 | Sampler | Drums

Bongo Fury

1997 | Self-titled | Drums

Frozen Dreams

1998 | Demo | Drums, Backing Vocals, Mixing & Engineering

MJP – Martin Jäger Project

2000 | Demo | Drums


2003 | Ages Of The Sun | Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Artwork & Design

2005 | Oceans And Waves | Songwriting, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Artwork & Design

2011 | Floor 29 | Songwriting, Drums, Keyboards, 6- & 12-String Acoustic Guitars, Additional Rhythm & FX-Guitars, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork & Design

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2009 | Agapi Anekpliroti | Songwriting, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Production, Mixing & Engineering

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These are some of the bands I’ve been (or still am) a member of.




1987 – 1991 | Drums


1991 – 1992 | Percussion

1992 - 1994 | Bass


1992 – 1996 | Drums

Bongo Fury

1996 – 1998 | Drums

Frozen Dreams

1997 – 2001 | Drums


since 1999 | Drums, Vocals, Keyboards


2001 – 2004 | Drums, Backing Vocals


2003 – 2006 | Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards

2009 – 2011 | Drums, Keyboards